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Reloop is here to help you buy and sell Pre-Loved Premium Fashion. Reloop and Sussan believes that a well designed item deserves more than one life. Together with their sister company GlamCorner, Australia’s leading designer rental destination, Reloop are on a mission to revolutionise the way fashion is consumed and close the consumption waste loop.


You can list any clothing item purchased for over $50 from Sussan on Reloop. Reloop can only resell items that are in good condition, so please make sure your pieces have more love to give and are in resalable condition.


No, your Sussan account will not be linked to your Reloop account.


Reloop will accept eligible Sussan items that are within a year old. If you’ve owned your item for a year or more, it can no longer be listed in the Reloop marketplace


Yes, you can! Log into your Reloop account via their website to add the item manually by following the steps here.


You’ll be notified within 7 working days if the Reloop team has accepted your item for resale. If your item is unable to be accepted, or does not meet listing requirements, they can be returned to you, or donated.


If you choose to donate your items due to them not meeting the re-sale requirements, they will be donated to Reloop’s not-for-profit service partner, Dress For Success!


When you are ready to send your item to Reloop, you just need to contact Reloop via the form here and request a Reloop kit. The kit will include a compostable return satchel and a return label, all you have to do is put your item in the satchel and drop it off at any yellow post box!




You can list an item on Reloop by logging into your Reloop account and following the sets here.


It’s a reuse revolution! Circular fashion is the practice of using items that already exist. Circular fashion models include rental, resale, creating long-lasting designs and repairing garments. Reusing garments extends the lifespan of a product while reducing the amount of clothing sent to landfills.


If you have a question about Reloop, you can contact them directly via their website www.reloop.com.au/pages/contact.